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The Extras folder also includes maps of all areas of the game with directions. If all this is not enough for you, I also put my completed game save file. With this file you may skip all gameplay and go just for the sex scenes.

I also organized the content of the file to help you make your own MODS. The save file normally has all entries randomized. I took the work to put them all in order to help further edition. That was the first Demo of the game. It has only one stance, few features and serves only to present the game.

Promoted by SCGG. Tiger Woods is a worldwide known golf player who was involved in a sex scandal about extramarital relations with many women. The game itself is nothing more then the previous minigame, but your character is replaced by Tiger Woods.

Remember this is solely for evaluation. Please, support the copyrights. If you have knowledge of how it can be done, please, leave a comment down here. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Drugs, rape, violence and sex are the main goals and plot points of the title. Though, it seems these are simply wedged in without context simply to offend and agitate for the sake of it.

The Native Americans drink and gamble, the women are essentially all sex workers and the Pygmies are rapists.

It’s a disgusting view of reality that comes from a place of hatred and insensitively. It’s clearly marketed for a certain brand of the person in mind. If this is you, then ask yourself why that is. The game tries so desperately hard to be GTA. It wants so much to be an open-world sandbox with raunchy and taboo humour. Though what is achieved is something similar to Postal , though much worse in practice.

At least Postal really hammed up the silly factor. This game doubles down on violence and smut and forgets the key factors that make Rockstar games successful. It’s the nuance, the charm, the self awareness and the ability to know where the line is and. Just edge across it slightly. Tweet Share Share Share Share. Robinhood Java. About TheLoo Number of Entries : Gofree Sing January 27, at PM.

Gofree Sing February 8, at AM. Mudubudu February 14, at AM. Ktommo February 15, at AM. Gofree Sing February 15, at AM. Xfizzle51 February 21, at PM. Gofree Sing February 22, at AM. Avinashraj March 25, at AM.



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Bonetown Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows In Newgameszone. It is an awesome Adventure game. BoneTown is the first game to combine free roaming, action adventure gameplay with sex, drugs, and debauchery in one hilariously hardcore.


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The character wakes up to a fraternity brother urinating onto the player’s face; the game then begins with a tutorial explaining how to beat up the brother.

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